PowerPlus Verio MP3 Player

PowerPlus is becoming a leading brand in the 21st century market for small electronics that use alternative energy sources. While being environmentally friendly, PowerPlus does not compromise on quality, style, and function.

The PowerPlus Verio is a dynamo powered MP3 player. This means that there is true mobility, allowing users to listen to music anywhere and anytime. Other PowerPlus media players are solar powered, which means that they can be alternatively charged only during daylight. The Verio is specifically designed for around the clock use. In fact, the built in flashlight comes in handy as the sun sets and darkness settles in. Anyone who loves to take evening walks will appreciate this feature.

To charge the Verio by hand, users simply need to rotate the crank handle. Winding the handle for a minute will allow users to enjoy up to 20 minutes of music. The MP3 player’s battery can also be charged with an AC adapter or a USB cable, which connects to a PC. The versatile design of the Verio is compatible with mobile phones. This means that the manual dynamo power can also be used with the included mobile phone charger.

With an internal memory of 1 GB, the PowerPlus Rhino allows users to enjoy their favorite tunes in seven different digital audio formats through plug-in headphones. Although there is no expandable memory such as in other PowerPlus multimedia players, the Verio is sufficient for its compact design. Having a black and metallic design, this MP3 player has a stylish modern look.

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By Mr. J. F. K. Clarke “john clarke”

well it has just arrived i transfered some music files wma type into the verio and spent a minute winding it up great it works well as an mp3 player and a torch ,then i tried to charge a mobile phone up i only spent about two minutes winding before i got bored with that so i do not think it is very good as a mobile phone charger but maybe you are not ment to let the phone go flat my phone was on two bars i think it is just designed to not let it go any further ie one bar. on the whole a great price £10pounds a good mp3 player and torch (back up torch for hiking!) and to agree with the other review that is does always start on the music track but you can wind up charge it while listening music ok
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By Carl (Kilmarnock)

If you are looking at this chances are you are tired of your battery running out and being left with no music to listen to and so the idea of an mp3 player that you just wind up to continue to listen to sounds like a great idea – right?

Well it is and it isn’t …


Running costs potentially £0

Music anywhere, anytime without having to carry around spare batteries or a charging device

Can top up charge on mobile phone

Built like a tank, can’t see the headphone socket connection coming loose (resulting in that annoying crackling every time you move) or the unit getting cracked.

The default sound setting provides rich sound quality.

Good for building up muscle tone in lower arm with all that winding.

It can be charged via usb port if you can’t be bothered winding it up. Lasts for around 4 hours fully charged.

Earphones supplied are a comfortable fit and are of decent quality.


There is a neck strap which would be ok if you are sitting but not so much if you are active.

It is chunky and quite weighty and creates a bit of a bulge in your pockets. I had to remove the neck strap connector as it kept digging into my leg.

There is no belt clasp so it has to be hung from your neck or stuffed in your pocket.

The navigation is abysmal:

There is of course no display so you have to listen to know roughly whereabouts you are in your playlist.

It takes around 3 secs to skip to the next track. The built in fader effect doesn’t help matters any …

The player I have gets reported by Explorer as being 4Gb. This might be a mistake but even if it isn’t its irrelevant as trying to navigate between a few albums on this player is time consuming.

It has some sort of start point programmed into it but I can’t figure out exactly what it is. All I know is the mp3s normally start playing from the same position but during the listening process this occassionally (but not always)changes. This unfortunately results in you listening to the same set of songs until the charge goes or having to slowly shift through the tracks (3 secs at a time) in order to get to whatever album you want to listen to.

Pressing the skip faster has no effect, it just ignores extra presses until the 3 secs has elapsed and the next track is cued up.

When the charge does go unless you are alone or somewhere quite noisy it might not be possible to re-charge the unit as it does make quite a whiny noise and you may attract irritated looks.

Also if the charge goes you have to continuously wind it up for about a minute or two in order to listen to 20 mins of music which can become a bit irksome.

There isn’t (as far as I can tell) any form of equaliser (unless it can be accessed through some bizarre set of key sequences) so if you don’t like the default factory sound settings then tough.

In summary

If you can get it for around £10 (like I did) then its probably a decent buy but I wouldn’t spend £35+ on it. You’d be better getting a lithium based unit that stores and consumes charge more efficiently.

Although if you are one of those people who always seems to find themselves with their earphones dangling from their neck after your mp3 player has run out of oomph or you are an intrepid explorer who frequently goes off the beaten track then this might be for you.

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